In this issue, we'll focus on a vital element of your LinkedIn profile: crafting an irresistible LinkedIn banner image that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Your LinkedIn banner image takes up the most real estate at the top of your profile, so don't let that space go to waste!

Reel Photos & Video company background banner for LinkedIn, 2023

It's a powerful opportunity to showcase your brand and make a memorable statement about your professional identity. Whether you're a job seeker, business owner, or seasoned professional in a Fortune 500 company, this edition is filled with expert tips to create a banner that truly represents you.

1. Optimize image size for banner backgrounds

To ensure your LinkedIn banner looks its best, use an image with the recommended size of 1584 x 396 pixels. This size provides optimal resolution and ensures your banner fits perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Did you know LinkedIn offers several templates you can use to easily spruce up your page without a lot of effort?

2. Align with your brand

Ensure your banner aligns with your personal (or corporate) brand identity, including color schemes and fonts. If you work for a large corporation, check with your marketing department to see if they have an image or two you can use.

Ted's background banner is bold, beautiful, and very much "on brand".

3. Showcase your expertise

Use the banner space to highlight your expertise and key skills. Consider incorporating relevant icons or symbols that represent your industry or your profession.

One look at Career Hacker Nate's banner will tell you exactly what he can do for you.

4. Add a personal touch

Inject a touch of personality into your banner image. Use an authentic photo that reinforces your expertise, represents your city or industry, and showcases your passion for your profession.

My banner circa 2019. In hindsight, this may have been an excessive display of personality...

5. Maintain simplicity

Avoid cluttering the banner with too much information. A clean and uncluttered design makes a stronger impact.

Mark's banner tells you that his firm helps transform your talent acquistion, with a clean design that's easy to read.

6. Pay attention to composition

Ensure the main elements of the banner are well-centered and balanced. This ensures a visually pleasing display on various devices.

Cody's banner is clear, eye-catching, and makes you want to learn more about his organization.

By implementing these tips, you'll create an attention-grabbing LinkedIn banner that communicates your brand's essence to anyone who visits your profile.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback and see your banner creations. Share your experiences and questions with us!


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