This is a headshot, not a mugshot!

Let's make sure that you're putting your best face forward, not committing a fashion crime. Here's a light-hearted guide to avoiding a citation from the fashion police.

Clothing Offenses

Failure to Iron: Wrinkles on clothes are a criminal offense in fashion.

Visual Noise Violations: Bold stripes, checks, neon colors,

and polka dots should come with a trigger warning.

Possession of Ill-fitting Clothes: If it looks like you "borrowed" it

from a friend, it's a fashion felony.

Casual Dressing Without a Permit: Flip-flops and tank tops

are for the beach, not your LinkedIn profile.

Hair Raising Violations

Unlawful Experimentation with New Styles: Stick to your tried-and-true hairstyle,

this is one situation where you actually want to be a repeat offender.

Excessive Use of Hair Products: Stiff hair comes with a stiff penalty;

aim for a look that's under control, not under arrest.

Failing to Control Stray Hairs: Those rebellious strands need to be tamed,

or your hair raising photo will be in violation for perpetuity.

Accessories to a Fashion Crime

Overdoing Your Makeup: Enhance your features, don't mask them;

your headshot isn't the time to disguise your appearance.

Flashing Illegal Bling: If your accessories are loud enough to set off alarms,

you're going to find yourself on the fashion police's most-wanted list.


By following these tips, you'll not only steer clear of fashion's most-wanted list but also craft a headshot that's a true reflection of your professional persona.

Here's to success and headshots that impress, not distress!


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